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    Seasoned to both accomplishments and adversities five women meet during a random chat. Each has an element of romance as well as suspense her life. Each bring their social, economic and cultural distinctions to cyberspace.

    Ellen was unaware those trips to a Chicago streetcar terminal were the result of teamster corruption. Twenty-five years and two children later, while striving to regain empowerment, Ellen learns the truth about family secrecies. Ellen accesses a chat room for emotional support.

    Luana longs to swap pouring expensive coffee into cheap cups at a Tahitian motel for a California adventure with the charming Bryce Meyers. Her goal is to lose enough weight to fit into that two-sizes-too-small dress and to ask Bryce to the Tipanie Dance Ball. Luana logs onto chat for relationship advice.

    New York executive, Dava Gonzalez yearns for motherhood but stumbles into a career helping a half dozen, high-spirited senior citizens retrieve independence. While teaching the spa members computer techniques, Dava learns one of them is an accessory to a murder. Dava welcomes chat as a reprieve from her chaotic days.

    While athlete, Bryce Meyers headed for stardom, Irene struggled through teen pregnancy and Michigan welfare. Decades later she is insidiously being stalked. Irene realizes her nemesis must be from that long-ago night when the town fire claimed the lives of local boys and several teamsters. Irene joins chat for employment purposes.

    Former runway model, Petrice never questioned her father's unexpected retirement from his trucking route or the abrupt uproot from Boston to Italy. At fifty-one years old, Petrice wrestles with the opportunity to rejuvenate her career or to remain faithful to a husband selected by her parents. Petrice is intrigued by chat's anonymity.

    Through instant messaging these women support each other while attempting to achieve individual goals and financial liberation. They discover each is indirectly linked to the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.












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