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Fakin' It

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Devoting three decades to a husband whose oddities ranged from turning the furnace off during a Chicago blizzard to blasting the alarm at midnight has Spartan Fluey questioning if love ever existed.

Finding a part-time job is fulfilling but not enough to quench the thirst for affection Spartan craved. After witnessing the amorous lives of never-nesting employers, Edmund and Isabella Chapman, Spartan realizes she must capture one day of love for herself.

An escort service provided Benjamin Brennart, a former chef whose restaurant and marriage ended with Hurricane Katrina. His duty is to treat Spartan as if she is the love of his life for one day. Surprisingly, affection comes easily for both.

After his regretful, ex-wife contacts Benjamin he wrestles with returning to his true love, the mother of his child or Spartan, the amazing woman who needs his love.

Once again, Spartan is alone . . . until a company celebration . . ."



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