Dr. Kris Condi, Ph.D.
 4Cam.us is a novel for the younger generation and is based upon a true story.
                                          Fakin' It is a women's fiction novel and an easy read.
                          The Chat Pack is a women's fiction novel where five distinct women meet online for a common cause.
    Counting on You     
Environmental specialist Nicola Bosco did not think twice about the random security check before entering the building in D.C. She placed her designer briefcase carrying government papers on the conveyor belt and endured the frisk. The wand went up one side of her body and down the other without a bleep. Her shoes were inspected for any suspicious crevices. When Nicola’s briefcase failed to roll of the assembly belt she furiously contacted everyone she had seen in the lobby. No one had knowledge of her briefcase. Even the security cameras failed to capture the confiscation. No problem. Nicola had backup; or so she though. All of her computerized data had been seared. In a few short minutes Nicola Bosco went from being a respected special agent to an embezzler of pension funds.
                  NEW   N Is For Noah   NEW 
A collection of ABC bedtime stories will debut Fall 2017.A collection of ABC bedtime stories will debut Fall 2017.


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